Spanish Immersion Camp for Teens

Learn spanish, participate in volunteering projects and experience the beauty and culture of Costa rica with our 2-week Spanish Immersion Camps

Ever wanted to live abroad and get to know the culture and the language? Then our spanish immersion program is for you. For a duration of 2 weeks you will learn spanish with our tailor-made spanish courses. You will experience the Costa Rican lifestyle and culture by taking part in cultural activities and volunteering projects. And finally, you will discover breathtaking landscapes and exotic plants and animals on our our guided tours.

The camp lasts for a duration of 2 weeks and includes accommodation in hostels or private dormitories, 20 hours of spanish lessons, participation to volunteering projects and 3 guided tours to various areas of the country.

This program is made specifically for teens ages 14 to 17. If you would like your parents or grand parents to take part in the program with you, we also offer a spanish immersion for adults program

Accommodation and food

You will stay in a dormitory or hostel along other other participants of your age and get to know the people you will be sharing this adventure with. You will also discover the traditional meals and drinks that ticos love and discover a multitude of exotic fruits and vegetables.

Spanish Classes

You will learn spanish by attending our tailor-made language classes. Whether you are a beginner or already have prior knowledge of the language, you will come out of your trip speaking the language much better than when you arrived. You might even be able to hold lengthy conversations with the locals you meet along the way! The program includes 20 lessons of 45 minutes each but you can take additional courses if you want to improve even more.

Beginner spanish classes

Beginner 1 and 2

You will learn to employ frequently used expressions (basic personal and family information, shopping, work, immediate surroundings) to communicate in routine situations. The aim is to exchange information, communicate your own background and education, describe your immediate environment and ask for help in matters of immediate need.
Intermediate spanish classes

Intermediate 1 and 2

You will be able to define the main points from texts about work, study or leisure topics. You will also be able to deal with most situations likely to arise while traveling in the region, speak simply and coherently on familiar topics of personal interest. You will also be able to talk about experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations.
Advanced spanish classes

Advanced 1 and 2

You will be able to understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics. You will communicate fluently with native speakers without any major difficulties. You will be able to express yourself in a wide range of topics clearly and in detail and explain your viewpoint on a subject giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options.


If you want to contribute to a cause that is important to you, we can help you participate to a volunteering projects in the area, for example

Health care volunteering in Costa Rica

Health care

Work in hospitals, clinics and health care centers
Social science volunteering in Costa Rica

Social work

Work to improve economic and gender inequalities
Environmental volunteering in Costa Rica

Environmental protection

Work in national parks, zoos and turtle preservation sites
Child care volunteering in Costa Rica

Child care

Help children in orphanages and at school kitchens
Education volunteering in Costa Rica


Teach english in primary schools and high schools
Care of the elderly volunteering in Costa Rica

Care of the elderly

Assist in nursing homes for elderly people

Guided tours

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in Latin America. With its access to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans patched with white and black beaches, its dozens of protected national parks as well as its diverse fauna and flora, it is the perfect destination to get away from the big city life and learn to embrace a slower, calmer way of life. Our spanish immersion program includes the following 4 tours

San José city tour

At the very beginning of your stay in Costa Rica, you will get to know the capital of San José through a city tour. This will help with orientation and it will give you first impressions of the country, people and culture. In this tour you will know the local city and the surrounding area and visit some important cultural landmarks, such as the metropolitan Park La Sabana, the seat of the President or the financial district.

Caribbean coast tour (2 days)

The Caribbean coast, with its pristine beaches, unique culture and delicious food will show you a part of costa rica where life is lived at a relaxed pace and enjoyed fully. You will visit the small town of Cahuita as well as its National Park where you can spot capucin and howling monkeys. You will also discover the beautiful town of puerto viejo and learn to surf in playa Cocles.

Pacific coast tour (2 days)

The pacific coast is the most popular tourist destination thanks to its beautiful weather, gorgeous sunsets and exotic wildlife. You will swim in white sandy beaches, admire picture-perfect sunsets and maybe even spot dolphins or whales.

Volcano tour (1 days)

Costa Rica has more than a dozen of volcanoes, some active and some not. You will visit either the Irazú volcano, the highest in Costa Rica, or the Poas volcano with its intense turquise crater lake. We will also stop along the way to visit waterfalls and coffee plantations so you can see another part of the Costa Rican natural beauty.

What else is included?

Airport pickup

Airport pickup and drop-off

Support from our staff on-site

On-site supervision and support

2-day Introduction in San José

Introduction day in San José

Application for visa extension

24-hour emergency contact

Information booklet

Information booklet

Transportation to your accommodation

Private transportation

What isn’t included

Airfare to and from Costa Rica


Passport and visa fees

Personal expenses

Health and travel insurance

Dates and prices

Dates Application Deadline Price
Summer program February 17th until March 2nd
March 4th until March 18th
December 1st $3450
Winter program July 12th to July 25th
July 25th to August 7th
April 1st $3200